Kalen is a filmmaker based in New York City, creating branded content and documentary films. She captures beautiful moments that make people feel, framing the visceral emotions, telling a story through the visual medium.



I like to hear people's stories, whether they are rough around the edges or perfectly pristine. Because we are diamonds in the rough, everyone has a good story for the telling. Our stories await a storyteller who can find our best and worst parts. They make us human, alive, and real with life.

Bringing scenes to life, I transmit the moments in authenticity. I tell stories that make people feel, imprinting a sense of belonging and empathy.

in the Rough



Fundados en Cristo
Program Director

I am deeply thankful to Kalen for her heart in making this video. I love her attention to detail and sensitivity to the content — ex. things or people that need to be obscured for the sake of privacy or security. She also helped me well with being not too conscious being in front of the camera.