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How this works

Good video content starts with a strategic process.


Learn about your company's needs and create a content strategy. Then, we develop story outlines and production shot list for your approval.


Schedule people or cast talent, arrange location + props, produce, and shoot.
  • Shoot Interviews (with cinema lights)

  • Capture b-roll shots + key happenings

  • Utilize 4k footage

  • Capture high-quality audio

  • Capture location shots

  • Stylize product shots


Edit content for your approval.
  • Optimize edit for social media

  • Optimize edit for paid advertising

  • Color correction and coloring

  • Sound mixing with sounds + music

  • Use dynamic motion graphics 

  • Edit with your feedback in mind

Our Work

What People Say


The biggest thing for me was Kalen's capacity to grasp the story and put it in a form that the company cheered on! The experience was so great that we are having Kalen back to do the same thing but to capture our story from the doctors', patients', and families' perspective! We are looking forward to round two. 

— Eric Mangiardi (CEO of Q3 Medical Devices)


Kalen produced and developed a few testimonials for our website. She was incredibly easy to work with due to her expertise around the subject, demonstrating professionalism and flexibility. I came in with only the slightest idea of how everything would work. She made it a breeze and we love the result. 

— Vitaly Chibisov (President of Bloomer Health)

What's Right for You

Here are a few options from beginner packages to more complex projects.

Basic Content 

Capture footage of your company for a half a day (or 5 hours). Content could be used on digital platforms, company lobby, and various events.


- Strategize content 

- Create Shot List and plan Shooting Day


- A half day of filming of b-roll in 4K


- Prepare and color Individual clips for delivery

You will own all rights to assets.


Light Content

Capture two interviews and b-roll for a half day. Content could be used on various platforms or on LinkedIn.


- Strategize content 

- Create Content Strategy, Shot List, and plan Shooting Day


- A half day of filming of b-roll and two interviews


- Prepare and color Individual clips

- Deliver two videos interviews with b-roll

- Include motion graphics

- Include licensed music

- Two rounds of revisions of the above

You will own all rights to assets.


Custom Content

Custom projects are created according to your needs by requesting a proposal. Here are some examples of custom projects from company culture content, tutorials, to FAQs. 

You will own all rights to assets.

about kalen

Kalen is a small film production company that specializes in creating content for the digital space. We focus on storytelling and impact with an authentic perspective. Based in New York City, Kalen produces content locally and internationally. 

Learn more.

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Let's Connect

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