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When Brands Throw Away Great Production Content

Production days are marathons - hectic, jam-packed with a massive shot list and endless interviews. Yet there's satisfaction in a solid day's work. But what if I told you those grueling shoots could yield even more creative content gold? One technique I love employing on bigger productions is curating compelling behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage.

The beauty of BTS material is its raw, candid feel that complements the main shot footage remarkably well. With talent and interviewees already on set, you have a unique window to capture authentic, unscripted moments. Of course, this approach isn't suitable for every project - discretion is key. But when executed thoughtfully, BTS clips can be repurposed into highly engaging social media content.

The unexpected, unvarnished nature of BTS videos plays perfectly for platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. All too often, I've seen brands neglect these unpolished gems buried in the footage Archives. By editing the best BTS clips into snappy, fun videos optimized for social, you create fresh content that resonates and drives traffic back to your larger portfolio pieces.

These bite-sized BTS videos offer a low-risk opportunity to test what truly clicks with your audience. Time and again, I've seen brands surprised by the impressive performance of BTS content across social channels - often outpacing their traditional promo videos by 25-50%. 

I'm not suggesting abandoning high production value altogether, as polished longform videos are vital for brand equity. However, the data proves audiences crave the authenticity of BTS clips too. While deceptively simple, extracting maximum value from BTS footage requires strategic planning and a skilled content team. But the payoff in engagement and exposure makes it tremendously worthwhile.

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